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Care of Your Blueberries
As with any fruit, the more you handle it the more you damage it; so handle gently and refrigerate as soon as possible.  Blueberries do not require any peeling, stemming, coring or pitting, so they are ready to eat right out of the bush! If you are going to freeze them, DO NOT WASH or add sugar until you are ready to use.  Why Shouldn’t I wash my blueberries? Well, little know fact…that powdery blue citing on the blueberry so many people think is spray/pesticide residue and it really isn’t.  The powdery blue coatings natural wax that blueberries have.  Its is called “bloom,” and if you wash off this wax then you’ll freeze a blue brick. For those berries who don’t make it to the freezer, they should stay in excellent condition for about 5-10 days once harvested and be reasonable for nearly 15 days. One of the nice side benefits to growing blueberries is we have a great breakfast, lunch or snack while in season.